We can also supply any size solar panel and racking for any residential or commercial facility

​Solar panels are not roof material, SolarShingles are part of building materials on roofs.

You need to penetrate your roof to fix an extra racking system for normal solar panels to be topped up onto shingles of the roof. While, to install SolarShingle, you do not need to penetrate your roof or racking, just a re-roofing job since it is a kind of shingle.​

SolarShingle is a roof shingle with function of converting the sunshine to electrical power. It consists of a substrate and an opto-function layer. The substrate is made from galvanized steel. And, the opto-function layer on the surface of substrate to convert sun light into electricity, which is the difference between a SolarShingle and a traditional shingle

Like a traditional shingle on roofs, SolarShingles work with flashings and associate parts covered on a roof to protect the underneath water membrane and dry wood.

SolarShingles are electrically connected each other on roof to converge the generated power which can be consumed in house or fed  into public grid system

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